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To: John Doe; Chief Marketing OfficerFrom: Jane Doe; e-Business Marketing ConsultantDate: June 29, 2007Re: Targeting "niche" marketing and website redesign.

Three years ago has spent hundreds of dollars in launching our site, purchasing site submission parcels, classified ads and bulk e-mail addresses; yet we are lacking to attract some traffic to our site. At present, we are marketing to consumers that have diverse needs and are not interested in the type of products we are offering. The problem could possibly be that we may not be selling our product to our true consumer or may be we are not marketing the correct type of product to our consumers. Therefore, we need to redesign our site with minimal changes and target the right clients.

Target "Niche" marketingCurrently, our web site sells both cameras as well as camcorders. We offer limited products on our site with questionable quality, also our site targets customers with diverse needs; which may be the reasons why our sales may have dropped within three years on our site.

We may look into resolving this discrepancy by performing the following -•By targeting our product towards certain people.

Large organizations offer many products, loads of information, and services, which can cause a consumer to leave in confusion versus helping them out. By gearing our focus on high quality camcorders and cameras for professionals or people who enjoy this as their hobby, we can show the uniqueness of our products compared to our competitors.

•Focus on the actual need of the customers.

In order for us to do this we need to invest in redesigning our site in which a survey or chat room will be given to the shoppers for a chance to discuss in detail the products that are being offered. By viewing and keeping up...