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Date: July 2, 1943 To: Francis Joseph Cassavant From: Mcgruff Subject: Remember what you told Nicole at the parade.

You don't know me, but I have information concerning Larry Lasalle. Your girlfriend is in danger if you were to leave her alone with him. I want to warn of Larry because I couldn't bear to see your girlfriend defiled like mine was. So take this information I give you and put it in your brain where you never shall forget it.

On July 3 at 3:10 pm Larry Lasalle, your "Hometown Hero" will be arriving home. He will want to get the "gang" together and have a reunion at the Wreck Center, where all of you used to go after school and on weekends. He will especially wants his "favorite champion" (you) and his "favorite dancer" (Nicole) to attend. That night you will have fun playing table tennis and being with your girlfriend.

The evening will wear down and the others will start to leave. Until finally Larry, Nicole, and you are the only one's left in the wreck center. When this moment hits he will ask Nicole to go put on a song. While she is putting the song, Larry will try to convince you to leave. If you do he will rape her and then you will regret leaving her for the rest of your life.

So keep my warning in mind tomorrow when all this begins to take place. Remember to never leave her side while the three of you are alone together. Just keep in your heart what you told her at the parade. When whispered in your ear," Stay close to me." Then you pulled her close and said," I'll never leave you."