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To: Endless Sound's Management

From: Kayla Smith

Date: March 12, 2005

Re:Internet Marketing Intentions

The internet is an ever growing market that has more customers than any other world wide. There is an average of 2 billion people on the internet everyday. This is one of the great reasons to start promoting Endless Sound online. It will give us more business than we have ever had.

We will not have to change our sales promotions that much because we can still advertise on the internet. It would be a lot less costly to advertise online than it is costing us now and it will reach many more people. It is easier to advertise our sales promotions online at our site and other sites than it is to do it on paper. We can still offer coupons, gifts, and discounts online at our site. It will be easier for people to order our products as well.

I believe that it would be a great idea and a big step forward for us to start marketing on the internet. Our revenues will soar and we will spend less which makes us profit more. The customer base will most likely double and maybe even triple if we start marketing our guitars online. Guitar players often go online to find tabs to learn new songs and we can advertise on the websites. In doing this the guitar players see that they can order custom made guitars online and the cost is affordable.