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To: Supervisory TeamRe:Impact of management behavior during the upcoming merger with EnviroTechAs you are all aware, InterClean will be merging with EnviroTech in the very near future. During this period it will be even more important to adhere to the behavioral protocols of a manager. There are three important areas that we must keep in mind at all times to help ensure a successful merger and transition.

1. Your behavior can impact the productivity of your team. Mergers are stressful times for you and your team and as a result, your team will be far more sensitive to what you do and say. It will be essential to maintain your composure as a manager and not show any of the stress you may be feeling to your team. It will be essential to show your team confidence in a positive outcome to the merger and support each individual when and if they voice any concerns regarding the merger and their future.

This composure and support will aid in maintaining productivity during the merger. However, if your team does not receive support from a confident and supportive manager, we will see a precipitous drop off in productivity. To aid you in maintaining and possibly improving your productivity, there are a few tools that may be used to motivate your team. The first motivational tool available to you is the possibility for increased training budgets and improved pay plans for those who continue to be employed with InterClean following the merger. The second tool you can use is to remind your teams that the benefits that they receive following the merger are directly linked to their productivity leading up to and during the merger. Although this is an effective motivational tool you must be careful to ensure that it remains as an...