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Essay #2 My most memorable experience is a day that I will never forget. It was a cold winter day in February. I was the starting 103 pounder for the Madison High Patriot wrestling team. None of my classes even mattered to me that day I was concentrating on what was about to take place later that evening.

Two o?clock is here and the wrestling team boards the bus , we are headed for a school in Bryson City , called Swain. We are in the state playoffs for a second straight year and after returning every starter but one from last years squad and only losing two out of twenty-two matches this year we are feeling pretty good about our chances. But at the same time all of us are so nervous that coach brings a trash can along for us to vomit in.

Four o?clock comes and all four teams that wrestle tonight are here.

It is time for us to weigh-in. The four teams that are here are full of potential state qualifiers , guys with muscles upon muscles. The teams are Madison , West Henderson , Swain , and Robbinsville. When we saw the teams that were here we started feeling real good , because we had already beaten two of the three that were here. We had defeated Swain by twenty points and Robbinsville by six. Then we realized we knew nothing about West Henderson. We didn?t know who they had wrestled or who they had beat or lost to. That very thought had us scared out of our minds.

Five o?clock arrives and the teams start to stretch and warm-up. Us and Robbinsville warmed up first. When we entered the gym the basketball court was covered with two enormous wrestling mats. Robbinsville was already...