Memories: Lost and Found

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I sat up. My head throbbed violently, and I felt horribly sick. I felt cold, dewy grass under my legs. Where am I? I thought wildly. Then I noticed people. There were people crouching right by me, as if expecting me to turn into an alien. There was a girl, about my age, wearing a baseball glove and a New York hat. On my other side, there was a boy, maybe a little bit older than me, wearing a dark blue wind-breaker jacket and carrying a baseball bat. Why are they just staring at me? Who in the world are they? Well, no doubt they could tell me their names, at least.

"Um..." I asked uncomfortably, "who are you?" They looked at each other and gawked. The boy shifted uncomfortably.

"You - you don't remember us?" asked the girl.

"," I said slowly. "Am I supposed to?"

"Well...yeah," said the girl.

"Emily...we're your best friends."

Emily? Who's Emily? "Um...I think you have the wrong person. My name's not Emily, and I definitely don't know who you two are." The boy and girl stared at each other.

"Let's try to bring back her memory," muttered the girl. What in the world are they talking about? I wondered.

"Okay. Emily is your name," started the boy. "My name is Derk, and this is Kat. We were all playing baseball just now. I was the batter and Kat was pitcher. You were catcher, but I kind of swung that bat back too hard and..." his voice faded away.

"You two," I started, "are crazy. My name is not Emily, and I've never, ever played baseball!"

"If your name's not Emily, then what is your name?" Kat asked softly.

I thought. What is my name? Why in the world can't I remember my...