"Memories" - this is a poem that I wrote when I was 16. It's about love and relationships. I wanted to share it. So read and enjoy.

Essay by shogunnix May 2003

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Forever lost in darkness, I let go of what use to be

Memories of the past, what I want is over shadowed by reality

I don't understand, why do you hide from what's true

Do you realize all I've ever waited for was you

Don't change for me all I want from you is what you are

You're so close to my heart, yet so far

How can I go on, this world's so twisted

I try to understand it; sometimes it feels as if I never existed

I want to run away from something I can't escape

Will you be there for my, will you wait

Do you really care, does it make a difference

Is this the beginning of the end for my very existence

Call you up in the middle of the night, because I couldn't sleep

Why can't things be the way they were, I wish I had the things I couldn't keep

I don't know what's wrong with me anymore, I feel so alone sometimes

Nothings really clear, I've lost everything that was mine

You were the one to dry my eyes when I was weeping

Why did you turn out the lights, did you know I was sleeping

Don't leave my side, can't you see I'm crying

Everyday I spend without you inside I'm slowly dying

Undertaken by the inevitable, am I the forgotten one

I can't escape something I can't outrun

You were all I need in life, but now your gone

I don't tell people what's the matter, but I know what's wrong

All my dreams are shattered, my hopes nothing more then a prayer

Why did you give up on me, why didn't you care

If this is the way it is, I don't want anything anymore

What's the point...