Memory What Does It Do To Us

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Without memory really I don't understand how we could even be at the level of intelligence we are today. Memory means alot to me without it we wouldn't be able to remember who are friends are (if we could make friends) you couldn't remember songs, tastes, smells, feelings mental or physical. There would be no television or chocolate, if we even had a language it would be our only guidance we would have to write every idea down we had the second it came to our heads. Memory allows us to remember things we take for granted. Imagine waking up in the middle of nowhere without any clue of where you are or what happened before that, imagine waking up in your room not knowing where you were your own room! Imagine your first kiss, you couldn't remember that. Some times I wished I could just forget things that sit there in my head.

Memory can work against us by bringing back things that haunt us or hurt us inside but also you remember the best things as well. I remember when I first time roller-blading, thank god for it too. Memory can cause fights too though if someone remembers an act of a person that offended them they can act physically toward it. Memory can also cause fear or nightmares because say you watched a television show or a movie that had something scary in it, your memory wouldn't allow you to forget it and for some weird reason it would pop up in your head the second you turn off the lights to go to bed. If something happened to you as a teenager something horrible like you got raped obviously you would want to forget it and go on with your life but instead it lingers...