The Memory Of The Giver

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FINAL DRAFT -Welcome, Jonas, we have to get started.

-I'm I'm a little bit late,sorry.

-Hmm... for today let's try something different. Lay down relax.

-Okay, but I'm impatient.

(Jonas lays down on bed, The Giver puts his hands on Jonas and starts tellin the memory.) Imagine a man walking through the dirty streets of Manhattan. He seems to be alone. He gets to his building and walks upstairs to his apartment. He's in his uit and tired of working hours and hours, unable to stand. Opening the door, he enters in. Calling Alice, his wife. Nothing more than an echo of his voice answers him. He sees a papernote on the sofa, saying that "˜I went to my mother's home. Get a better job and I will come back. I can't take this anymore.' He seems to be not cared at all. He's hungry and sweaty. First, he takes a shower and he's relaxed a bit.

He follows his usual routine, dinner and watching his favorite television show with comfort. But, he doesn't smile and joke. This is a change, however when he lies in bed, he's the happiest person in the world of confusion. Pulling the blanket over his head, he falls asleep within the minute. Flying into a dreamland a dreamland. Isolated from all the problems. He doesn't even imagine this wonder to feel in dream. He finds death on his bed next week. The reason? It was undefined.

-How did you find this one? (Jonas slowly opens his eyes and gets up.) -It's, it's interesting. Actually this becomes my favorite one but, why does he die at the end? -That' you, the one who will find the answer. Wait for the time, you will answer one day.