The memory of sadness

Essay by PercyJacksonFollower April 2014

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The memory of agony

While I was looking idly through my family's old box of documents, I suddenly came across an official letter. The name was written clearly on the envelope in which it was sealed. I had a feeling my uncle, whom I was staying with at the time, would not explain it. My parents had gone away for volunteer work about six months ago, and I had received no communication from them. Nervous to discover what was inside, I gazed outside into the freezing cold and darkness. My face pressed against cool glass, my breath turning it white, contrasting the black of the night.

Eventually my attention shifted back to the weight pressing against my fingers, it felt heavier than really was. Nervous, I weighed it in my hands, finally I was able to break through the fear that kept me frozen in place. It was a legal document giving my uncle custody of me and making him responsible for my welfare.

My parents had left me. A wave of emotion swept over my mind, erasing every thought, except one, I had to escape. I stumbled down the stairs and rushed towards the white door leading outside. I could hear my uncle shouting in the background, ignoring his frantic calling I ran from the house into the open. Suddenly a white light consumed my surroundings, and the blare of a car hooter ripped through my thoughts, then light turned to darkness and all was gone.

Pain ripped through my conscious mind, and then through the rest of my body. Then voices seeped through the darkness, my eye lids raised and my eye's adjusted to the room which I was now laying in. The voices belonged to my uncle and the doctor, they both looked anxious, then...