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A young brave, vigorous, agile young man, Ariston, was born in the city of Thebes, he was the best fighter in the area he lived in. He practiced all his fighting skills with a Akylas, he was Ariston's best friend and only friend, both of them have lots of things in common, they love to play, talk, and explore. Akylas is a strong and skilled fighter, he was the only one who can fight Ariston evenly. One day, Ariston went to the Delphic Oracle, and was told that he will kill his best friend and die with his best friend in mixed of happiness and in sadness. He was shocked, he didn't want to kill Akylas, so he decided to leave the village and go as far away from Akylas as he could. He ended up outside the City of Athens, where he saw a young boy surrounded by bandits, Ariston stepped up and saved him.

Suddenly, an old man and twelve soldiers came out shouting at the young boy, found out that the young boy is the son of the old man, the King, Athana. Athana saw Ariston's talent against the bandits. Athana brought Ariston to the palace, while Ariston explained everything that happened to him and why he is here. Athana decided to keep Ariston, treated him like his own son, because Athana knew Ariston was well known as a great fighter in the area he lived him, crowds of people might come and cause troubles in the palace, so he gave him a new name, Averill, and gave him the best training for becoming an undercover and assassin. Averill worked hard training himself and he became the best assassin in the Athens. Averill also became the most trusted person of Athana.

Arkylas was also given a...