Men and Women: Obvious Communication Barriers and are they the cause of higher divorce rates?

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Men and women have obvious differences in the way they communicate. These differences have formed the society we live in today. Successful communication is due to the unconscious awareness of the cross-cultural communication differences that most people develop as they mature. People who often divorce possibly lack this unconscious awareness. Communication problems is obviously a contributor to the rising divorce rates, but other than those people lacking this awareness, there is no need for further awareness for others.

This unconscious awareness is developed over a person's younger years and is not really utilized until they grow older. When you were a child you realized all the differences between boys and girls. One of the differences was the way girl's and boy's communication differs. As a child I remember a turning point from where I stopped treating girls like my boy friends and treated then differently. A realization had come upon me that there is a different way to treat and speak to a girl than you would a boy.

As I grew even older I developed these skills enough to where it became an unconscious reflex to change the way I communicated when speaking to a girl. I still use these skills today unconsciously when meeting up with my girlfriend after having a night out with the guys. I obviously change the way I communicate but it is not done consciously.

People who have this unconscious awareness still have a high possibility of becoming divorced. This is simply because communication is not the only contributor to the higher divorce rates. A lot of couples suffer because of financial problems, infidelity in the relationship, lack of commitment to the marriage, along with many other things. It is a combination of all these things that cause divorce.

For those...