Men and Women in Our Modern Society

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Back in the days men and women have different statuses in life. Men were expected to work and be the breadwinner of the house, while women were expected to take care of the family and does the entire house work thus being named a housewife. For many years, that way of life did not get bothered to be changed. In our modern society women are still expected to take care of the family, but both man and woman can be a breadwinner. Statuses have changed for both genders over the years, but some households still hold the old ways of raising a family.

First of all, women, back in the days were the ones who milk the cows, take care of the children, sew clothing for the family, and finally, make sure everybody is fed. Men were different, they are the ones who are supposed to work and make money for the family. Stereotypes for women are being housewives, while men are breadwinners. Years have past, there are still housewives and men are still breadwinners, but some households have house-husbands and women as breadwinners, and some households can have both as breadwinners.

Men and women, let us face it, are different. In terms of physical strength, men are slightly stronger than women. For example, women in the fire department, some women have a hard time passing the trainings, but I can not say that some men do not pass the test. In addition, we talked about in class that, would you rather be dragged by a woman down the stairs of a burning building or carried by a man. The fire department I think is not discriminating against women, their just letting go of people who is too weak for the job, may it be a...