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Men and women can do so much together from working the same hard difficult job to cooking, cleaning, and mowing at home. Although they can do so much together there are still things in the world that were meant for men and women not to do together. Such as sports, people have been pushing for many years to make all sportscoed, but what they didn't realize is that some sports are only exiting if they are not coed. What they don't realize is that if all sports became coed then the rules would change. Also if the games were coed then they might not be as interesting to see. So even though men and women can do a lot of things together in life, there are some sports that just can't be played together.

Many sports would change if men and women played together. If sports went to coed then the rules would have to change to fit both men and women.

Hockey and football are two examples of the rules changing because if they go to coed then they would not be too much of a contacted sport any more. Another sport that may have to change their rules for coed players is basketball. Some rules would be required for the sport to be coed. First, Coed teams consist of three women and two men, or three men and two women. A team may play with as few as four players. However, at no time may the number of male players on the court exceed the number of female players by more than one player. Second, men cannot block women's shots at any time. If a block is attempted, the basket counts. Men cannot steal the ball from a woman who has possession or is dribbling. Men may steal a pass. ( Most sports are very interesting to see when men face off against other men or women against other women. What some people don't understand is that some sports people play for pride. Some sports that are played for pride are boxing, wrestling, women's soccer, and field hockey. Wrestling is a sport were men go one on one to see who is the better man. Just like women have to see who has the better team in soccer. Pride is something that makes a sport interesting to watch and without that there's no need to play. Part of human nature is for men to compete to see who the top male is just as women want to see who the top female is in life. Sports help men and women compete for their dominions.

In conclusion, some sports can be for both men in women but not all. Men and women need to have separate sports instead of coed sports. They need to have separate sports so they can have the rules they need to play with out having to adjust to new rules. Also they need to be able to play for pride so they can enjoy the sport more. Sports are fun to play together but not all the time.