What men can learn from women

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In the essay " What I've learned from men", by Barbara Ehrenreich, she tries to convey her point of view by stating that that women need to learn from men how to be more tough and not to be ladylike. At the same time, there are a few things that men could learn from women. Actually, men can learn a lot of things from us, women, if they only analyzed in depth how nice, affectionate, and loyal we are.

All men are rude, and all women are nice. Such a strong controversial generalized statement could cause a lot of anger in men and happiness in women. The truth behind this statement is that many men are way ruder than women. First of all men act funny among themselves. Let's take a random example here. When two guys meet, their way of greeting would be something like "What's up dog?" Or in a case of a fight, which is quite common among them, besides punching each other, they would call each other "Bitch" or use other unpleasant adjectives.

In contrast, we women are nicer among ourselves and tend to treat each other well. We call each other honey, dear, and other superlative adjectives. It is the nature of women to be nice to people in general. In social relationships between men and women, men tend to hide their rudeness and try to be nice and act like gentlemen. It won't take long for their true personality to be revealed, letting the woman puzzled and questioning " What did I do to him to be treated this way?" As we come into terms, men manifest rude behaviors and need to learn from us, women. How to be more nice to one another, that way making the world a less hostile...