Men Of Iron

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Men of Iron By Howard Pyles The book begins in the 1400's and there was more peace than usual. A few months before, King Richard II""weak, wicked, and treacherous""was dethroned by Henry IV. But it was only an illusion of peace, lasting only a little while (it's too bad too).

Many noble families benefited from King Richard during his reign, and these families lost some of their prestige and power due to the new king, (aww poor babies). This angered them greatly and they came up with a plan to fall upon the King and his adherents, and to massacre them during a great tournament, to be held at Oxford.

One man, the blind Lord Gilbert Reginald Falworth, Baron of Falworth and Easterbridge, suffered through it, though he wanted no part in this evil plot (good thinking, bad turnout).

At the age of eight, young Myles Falworth, son of Lord Gilbert Reginald Falworth, witnessed the murder of a great family friend (not a great way to start your life).

Later in Myles' life, his father is unjustly condemned for treason (I don't think a good man like this would ever do that). In Myle's search for revenge, he grows in knightly expertise and integrity and finally wins the favor of the King by beating the Earl of Mackworth in battle. Moreover he granted the Earl a chance to recover three times. This was a mistake, which was probably made because of Myles' youth. His enemy cut his horse at the neck, causing it to fall to the ground. Myles laid helpless sitting in his armor needing assistance to get up. The Earl swung his gisarm at Myles three times, but the third time Myles grasped it and rose to his feet. However,