Men Vs. Women. Who has the upper hand in American society today?

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Being either a man or a woman in society today has certain advantages. Most people could identify situations where both men and women have the upper hand in various aspects of society. However, men seem to have the advantage in more aspects of life in the United States than women. Men have the upper hand over women in society in many ways. For example, men receive higher wages, get more promotions, are elected to higher political offices, and are thought of as strong and invincible. They also get less ridicule in the media and less emphasis is put on how they look and behave.

In general, men earn more than women in almost every job. Most businesses state that they offer equal opportunities for men and women. However, men still dominate the job market and hold the majority of jobs with high prestige. Men usually receive promotions over women that have equal qualifications.

Just eleven of the top 1000 companies in the United States have a woman in the companies' highest position (252). In jobs where women are in full time employment, they earn only 76 cents for every dollar earned by men (254). Within the workplace, it is easy to see how men have the upper hand over women and are the ones in control. Generally, female nurses assist male doctors, female secretaries serve male top company officials, and female flight attendants are under the male pilot. Another example can be seen in the educational system. Most kindergarten teachers are female, about half of high school teachers are female, and even fewer women are found as college professors. This shows that as jobs in the education system get more prestigious, men become more numerous in the field.

Throughout history, men have held positions of power when it came to...