Men vs women in the working enviroment

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Do women work as well as men do?

These days this is an everyday scenario, a topic of much debate and a very sensitive subject as well. Sexism and racism are just about of equal stature these days with unpromoted or fired women workers claiming that they are a victim of sexism. It has risen to such a scale that many women are now pulling out the 'sexism card' or the "It is because I am a woman, isn't it?", whilst actually they are just a number of people among the hundreds and thousands of other men and women who are fired or unpromoted. And then there are the actual cases of managers practising sexism against more than able female co-workers, possibly out of fear of being replaced by their more efficient subordinate.

To start off with women are being less discriminated in the working environment more than ever before.

They are just about theoretically equal with men because of all the anti-discrimitory laws and women awareness campaigns which are taking place to protect them. There are a few cases where discrimination still takes place but this is mostly restricted to third world countries or countries where religious/cultural traditions forbid women to work. Men are a sometimes an evil lot though, and the discrimination can happen at a subconscious level by making the women feel unaccepted and isolated. This happens fairly often especially if the woman is blonde. And that is not a joke but a proven fact.

An argument in the men's favour is that women are actually their own worst enemy. Many women come into the working environment expecting to be discriminated against and are therefore far too paranoid to come close to letting their fellow male employees realize their potential. No wonder some people work so slow,