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Juanita Middleton


Fall 2014

The Middle East and Northern Africa consist of mostly dessert land, but it's also an economically diverse region that includes both the oil-rich economies in the Gulf and countries that are resource-scarce in relation to its population. It's common for that region to have high temperatures and humidity during the summer months. In the 1960's there was an influx of people from India which helped boost the population The population consisted of men, women and children, with the majority of the population being men. The Islamic faith is the religion of the majority of the population. The women who practice the Islamic faith, feel convicted to have themselves fully covered from head to toe while out in public in order to keep themselves pure. The majority of the women cover their faces, but occasionally you'll see a few women out in public without their faces being covered.

Many believe that these same women fall short when it comes to fashion, but in reality these women are in fact very fashionable and able to express those fashions while out in public by dressing up their eyes, handbags, and their shoes. These same women are able to relax their dress code, enjoy the latest fashions, and accessories when at home and are free to wear what most Americans would wear on a daily basis. These women are also able to enjoy the amusement parks by putting on a cloak that would keep their black flowing dresses from getting caught on the rides.

The food and housing as we know it in America are completely different in the UAE. The foods as we know it are processed, whereas in the UAE there foods are not. The video even stated that the amusement park had an...