Menace To Society; Movie Review

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Menace 2 Society is a film based on a nineteen-year-old boy, Maleek, who grows up in the hood and is faced with many trials and tribulations. It is a movie that was made to deliver a message to the youth of today. The movie is an amazing movie that anyone can relate to in one way or another. The story line of the film is fantastically created to get its point out to the viewers.

At the beginning of the movie Maleek is a drug dealer who is out for one thing and one thing only, money. He will fight, steal, or even kill to get what he wants. The people that he has befriended are all the same, some even worse. He sleeps around with several females and has no regard for the people around him.

Maleek does graduate from high school and decides to celebrate with his cousin.

On the way to the party with his cousin they get robbed and his cousin is shot and killed and he is shot in the shoulder. Maleek lives but now seeks revenge, which he gets by killing the people who shot him and killed his cousin. He becomes a murderer as well as a drug dealer, which drags him in even deeper.

As the movie progresses he is given an offer by a girl that he grows very fond of to leave the hood and move on to a better life. He is very skeptical of the offer and refuses. His fear of not being able to live without selling drugs keeps him from progressing in life. He decides to stay in the hood and in doing so he gets a girl pregnant and then fights with her brother and beats him badly. The girl's brother that he beat is...