Mending Wall

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Poetry Explication: Mending Wall

Sheila Fangmeier

ENG130 - Introduction to Literature

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June 20, 2014

Poetry Explication: Mending Wall

The objective in the majority of English and Literature classes is the analysis of poetry being either too much or too little. Regularly this train of thought results in a one-way contention between the professor and the learners. The students denounce the idea of finding meaning where none exists, while the professor insists that there is much to benefit from a comprehensive analysis. In all actuality, a few writers compose basic lyrics for the essential purpose of stimulation. In any case, there are some artists that figure out how to compose poems that are critical and concise in which they warrant the investigation of their profound significance.

Robert Frost is one writer fit for making these showstoppers of verse, for example, handling a subject as great as the Armageddon and remarking on it regarding fire and ice. Robert Frost succeeds in creating a piece of work worthy of deep analysis with his poem "Mending Wall," which recounts the story of two men who, after every winter, repair the stone divider that differentiates their fields. In "Mending Wall", Frost executes a particular physical structure alongside poetic material like, dialogue and metaphors to infer a deeper social editorial from a routine event such as building a divider.

The physical development of Frost's poem, "Mending Wall" reflects the actual wall and the figurative hindrance being raised between the narrator and the neighbor. As opposed to partitioning the poem into stanzas, Frost introduces an unbroken succession of lines. To begin, Frost's "Mending Wall" as a whole is justified to the left...