Meningococcal Disease

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24 Megacard ST Greetings NSW AUS 2646 Phone: 74789950 Fax: 674868949 Rashes Headaches Fever with cold hands and feet Sore muscles and joints Stiff neck Tiredness and Drowsiness Pale or Blotchy complexion PH: 98484386 Meningococcal Symptoms that you should watch out for AB HEALTH INDUSTRIES AB HEALTH INDUSTRIES Health Organisation Meningococcal is preventable with a few simple steps. They include not sharing food and drink, not using other peoples cosmetics, not sharing instruments that involve the mouth and no double dipping into flavoured dips that are being used by other people and also not sucking or chewing the ends of pencils and pens that are being used by others. Also you should try and get vaccination. From 10 March to 30 March AB Health are giving 20% discounts on vaccinations. Organization Some people will die from Meningococcal a majority of people will be fully recovered but a few things will always stay with them.

Headaches Tiredness Memory Loss Concentration Problems Sight Problems Deafness Epilepsy Paralysis Kidney or Liver Failure Skin Scarring due to Skin grafts Amputated limbs Protection and Information you need Preventing Meningococcal Long Term Effects What Is Meningococcal? Meningococcal is a illness/disease which is caused by bacteria, not a virus and is passed on by saliva. 20% of people will carry these unique bacteria without ever being harmed in fact everyone will have the bacteria in some kind of time in their lives. These people that are not harmed are called 'healthy carriers.' It is commonly spread by, touching, kissing, smoking and sneezing