Mental health what it is about, an insight into the nursing care of a depressed patient.

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This insight is about mental health, "mental health is the balance between all aspects of life - social, physical, spiritual and emotional. It impacts on how we manage our surroundings and make choices in our lives - clearly it is an integral part of our overall health" (youth 2003)

I have chosen to look at depression, which comes under mental health illness. My insight is on a female who 80 years old.Geriatric depression is a very common mental disorder among elderly people. As Bennett and Ebrahim (1993 p118) states, "typically the patient has characteristic features of a depressed mood, and may be tearful, anxious, and lack concentration. There may also be weight loss, sleep disturbance, and loss of libido". These symptoms are reflected in my patient Vera. There are a few several other different types of depression - major depression, minor depression, seasonal affective disorder, adjustment disorder with depressed mood, organic effective disorder, dysthymia and bipolar disorders (manic depressive syndromes).

The scenario is set in a six-bedded bay Vera is situated next to the window. She had lost her husband two weeks before she came into hospital. Vera's family appear very supportive and will support her when she is discharged home. Vera awoke very early a trained nurse and myself were in the bay at this time and asked her if she wanted to have a wash, as she was awake, she ignored us. This insight is based on this scenario. (See appendix I sensitivity and awareness skills)

About Vera and her depression

Vera was brought into hospital suffering a stroke Vera had suffered with a mild form of depression since her late forties, but it has begun to get a lot worse since her husband has passed away. Norman (1982 p9) maintains that "the mood of...