Mental Illness.

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The group came up with a very interesting topic: mental illness. The reason for us to choose this topic because for some of member in the group who are not feel comfortable with mental illness patients, so with this chance we can learn about it and try to put away some wrong idea about metal illness patients. Some of us went to NAMI Santa Clara County Office to get some information about the topic, and arrange an interview, we got some information that we need for, but to arrange an interview with patient wasn't success. They don't allow us. End up we have an interview with one of our group member's mother who is with bipolar. After the interview and some research in metal illness we all a little bit surprised with the result. There are so many kinds of mental illness. Some if the illness we similar with, but some we never heard of.

It also has changed our original opinions and beliefs about mental illness patients. They are just human like us. The research came up with many different category of the illness, but we picked out some that we think are the most outstanding.


Schizophrenia is a mental illness which has biological origins, likely due to an imbalance in chemicals in the brain that regulate thinking and feeling. Literally, the term means "split mind" but contrary to common misconception, schizophrenia does not imply a split personality, in the sense of someone acting like two different people. Common problems in schizophrenia, and only some of which are present in any one individual, occur in thoughts, perceptions, feelings, movements, and interpersonal relationships. One useful way of describing the experience of schizophrenia is that it is similar to dreaming when one is wide awake. Usually when you dream you...