Mental Models and Mindsets Paper

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Mental Models and Mindsets Paper


April 20, 2011


Mental Models and Mindsets Paper

Mental models and mindsets help individuals and organizations express different perspectives and provide capability to adjust to various conditions. The four steps to change mental models and mindsets are understand their mental models and mindsets, test new approaches, overcome inhibitors to change, and last make the change to his or her mental models and mindsets. The four steps are important for individuals and organizations to grow. Mattel is successful in creating new mental models and mindsets by becoming the number one toy company in the United States and around the world (Mattel, 2011).

Understand Mental Models

Mattel has their own thought process of making the Ken and Barbie doll a learning tool for children through different age groups. Moreover, when organizations such as Mattel decide to introduce a new product, they turn to other products which have made them successful.

The models come from genetics this tends to provide a fundamental basis of whom they are and what they can do, and experience plays a major role in shaping these capabilities, strengthening some and weakening others. There for many forces of nurture shape and reshape the mental models. Education is a way to shape and reshape the mental models and forms a foundation that molds the way the world views situations. Another way to shape and reshape the mental models is through training, some receive to deal with transitions or introducing new products. Mattel has had specific education and training, which has made them successful in the toy business their mental model is based on many different thought processes. Some of the other ways to shape and reshape mental models is through...