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IntroductionThe greatest achievements or mistakes in an organization come from making a decision. Knowing how the managers or leaders of an organization make decisions is extremely important in the business world today. "Creative Intelligence describes how our mind uses mental codes, over which we have no control, to determine how information is seen and understood" (Rowe, 2004). Understanding the creative intelligence of a person will help to understand how they are going to make decisions. Each person has both similar and different creative intelligences and mental models based on upbringing, education, and professional experience. Disagreements, misunderstandings, confusion, and arguments can all be caused by the every person having a different way he or she views the world and how he or she makes decisions in the workplace. It is important for companies carefully consider the influence that the four styles of creative intelligence and mental models/mind sets may have on the decision-making process of their employees.

In this paper, I will compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence, their influence on organizational decision making, and how the five forces influence mental models/mind sets.

Creative IntelligenceThe four styles of Creative Intelligence are intuitive, innovative, imaginative, and inspirational which will be described below.

IntuitiveThe intuitive style "focuses on results and relies on past experience to guide actions" (Rowe, 2004). A manager who is intuitive, for example, can be a hard-working, competitive, and focuses on action and results; in other words, this manager is a great facilitator and convincing individual. This is the type of manager who is concerned with profits, company growth, and employee productivity. The style has a major influence on the organization as decisions are largely made with a direct or indirect objective to achieve desired results brought about by applied action.

InnovativeThe innovative...