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Graduating Peter was an excellent film. It was a film, which thoroughly explored each aspect, dealt with a child who has mental retardation. It creates a deeper understanding of frustrations, worries, expectations and hopes from each person involved in the journey of a special education child. One as a future special education educator can absolve many key factors needed to teach and overcome obstacles. The film helps create your own judgment and education philosophy. The film did not surprise me in the least. I have had many opportunities to interact with children with different degrees of MR. Each day I would love to learn more and more on special education children. One learns something new everyday. Graduating Peter was an excellent introduction to this course. It sets clear all themes we will later touch upon.

One of the most positive aspects of this film was the special education teachers, and the aides.

I felt they did a superb job, treating Peter with respect. They did not let him "get away" with any negative behavior. This is a very important task us, as future educators should accomplish. We must reinforce everyday to our special education students, that we expect them to obey all behavior policies followed by everyone in the school. All special education students are capable of learning. They will never be encouraged to learn if you treat them different from the rest. This will only hinder any possibility of progress in the child's life. The teachers and aides were very patient with Peter. They spoke to him nice but firm. This method works more effectively than any other does. Then, when all else failed Peter was punished for his behavior. Each aide would make sure Peter understood why he was there and what he had done. These procedures to...