Mentors teach us knowledge, confidence and ultimately make us better people: Goldsworthy's "Maestro", Jane Mckinney's "MUM you taught me" and Peter Weir's film "Dead Poets Society"

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Mentors teach us knowledge, confidence and ultimately make us better people. They influence and shape the way one might think and absorb information. Whilst providing knowledge, mentors can impact one's self esteem, making them feel either full or lack of confidence. Mentors eventually make us better people, as they cause us to emotionally and personally grow stronger. Goldsworthy's "Maestro" is a text which illustrates the relationship between a teacher and student, and how they both "mentored" each other. Dead poets' society is a film also demonstrates the affect a mentor can have on their students; whilst the poem Mum, you taught me by Jane McKinney shows how parents can be a mentor for life. These three texts reveal the impact mentors have on ones' life.

Knowledge is familiarity, awareness or understanding through experience or study. It is the state of mind where one comprehends and knows. Knowledge is also gained from mentors as they teach us through their own experiences and guild us to ways of understanding.

However, there can be many different types of knowledge. There is the knowledge of common sense, the intellectual side of knowledge or the knowledge of just "knowing" what is good from bad. For example, in the movie Dead Poet's Society the pupils' of Mr Keating are taught to live the life, "cease the day" and dream. He also teaches to view life in a different perspective, which is demonstrated in the scene where he asks the students to stand on the table. The cinematography of the film makes this scene effective as the contrast in camera angles display the difference in their point of view. Jane McKinney's 'Mum, you taught me', it reveals how a mother can be a mentor and quotes:

You have been my mentor

My teacher in life

Thus the...