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Advertising has three significant levels. Advertising comes from its multiplicity of roles. Information, entertainment, and most consumers' way of life are the three levels in which advertising works. The first level is that information is primarily for new products or services and for prices and promotions. Pure informational advertising may connect the audience for which it is targeted. The second level can be a major source of entertainment. Advertising that entertains can appeal to a much broader target of consumers and build equity for the future. Finally, the third level can also be part of every day life. Advertising that becomes an element of everyday life can have its life extended beyond the time of the promotion because it is used and reinforced by the consumers themselves. Advertising may be talked about in day to day conservations. Words and phrases become part of conversational language. Consumers may miss out for lack of advertising knowledge.

The most successful advertising operates on all three. Advertisements that accomplish all three levels have the maximum power.

Advertising is intended to sell products. In the process, ads also advertise aspirations and communicate concepts of acceptable behavior and gender roles. Advertising makes individuals who can't afford it, buy things they don't want, with money they haven't got. Persuasion sells more than products. It manipulates minds. It does all this by creating false needs and false wants, without consumers being aware that this is occurring. Advertising encodes messages that are a dominating technique. It can be obtained through concentrating on the variety of glossy, glamorous, extravagant advertisements for luxury items in particular. These advertisements are rich in imagination; sensuous detail, suggestive postures, and they provide a wealth of evidence for the theory that all advertising contains unconscious appeals.

In this project, I will select a magazine ad,