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Mercedes SL500 Redesigned After approximately thirteen years, the SL class Mercedes has been redesigned. Its new sleek style and eye catching figure is sure to turn anyone's head. It also has state of the art safety equipment, along with great looks, and a powerful V-8 engine which generates a little more than 300-hp. The only downside to getting one of these beauties is the fact that it costs a fraction less than $90,000. Don't worry about whether you're getting your money's worth or not, Mercedes are known for giving you everything you pay for and even a little extra. To the buyer looking for a luxury-sports car, the new SL500 is the perfect way to show off your success and kick-back lifestyle as well as have a little fun (Pund 35).

The SL's new body design is much different than the previous model. First of all, the 500 has finally been acquainted with the "new" Mercedes look: round head-lights.

Although this does bring the SL up-to-date with the rest of the German fleet, it adds to the controversy concerning round lights and its stylistic appeal to the general public. The new and improved SL has also been incorporated with vents and scoops, a normal additive which can turn a not-so-aggressive car, wicked. Plus, the wheelbase has been extended about 2 inches (Pund 35). This helps the cars cornering and improves overall stability, while giving the car a much more aggressive look. It is longer and lower than the previous model and has a retractable roof similar to that of the SLK, a smaller and more compact version of the SL (Hutton 116). The special thing about the roof is, unlike other convertibles, when in the upright position it is an actual "hard top," but when the driver desires, it will fold down into the trunk with a touch of a button (Hutton 116). Even though this feature does limit trunk space, as any convertible does, Mercedes says that with the roof in the down position, there's still room for "two full size golf bags" (Pund 35). So, if relaxing on a Sunday or just cruising around sounds good, the new SL is a wonderful car to do this.

The release date for this new model is set for March 2003, and it's packed full of new and exciting technology. The Sensotronic Brake Control, a new system designed to use an electric signal to slow the car, is just one of these new technologies. It also has a back-up hydraulic system set-up to be used if the new braking system fails, which is highly unlikely since Mercedes are one of the most dependable cars on the road. Other new gadgets include an Active Body Control and stability system which helps to limit body roll when cornering and is crucial when pushing the car to its limits. The 2003 SL500 is also packed with a new steering and suspension system which will provide even greater handling, perfect for those less interested in relaxing and more interested in driving (Pund 35).

Mercedes also gave this new baby extra safety, too. Since safety is one of the most important aspects of Mercedes engineering, some of the standard safety equipment which consists of a sensor-controlled roll bar which is deployed automatically when danger is near, driver and passenger airbags, head airbags, force limiters on the seatbelts that give a gentler stop during an accident, and a new interior which wraps around both the passenger and the driver providing more room to move about (Pund 35). Some of these features are not even found on vehicles valued at twice the cost of the latest SL500. The car is also equipped with a special audio/navigation/telephone center capable of taking you around the world without even leaving your car, unless of course you have to eat (Pund 35). But that aside, the new Mercedes SL500, one of the most recent pieces of work developed by the Germans is a luxury-sports car perfect for those desiring something fast, safe, reliable, and good looking.

In conclusion, the new SL class is one of the best luxury-sport cars ever. Its superior design coupled with its Mercedes heritage is sure to make this car an instant classic. Although the cost of $90,000 may seem steep to those who can not afford it, it's sure to be everything they desire, perhaps even a little more.

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