Merchandising in sports marketing.

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Merchandising is defined as all the activities having to do with the right merchandise at the right price at the right quantities at the right time in the right place with the proper controls. Marketing is the commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. By combining the aspects of merchandising and marketing into a sports spectrum, sports merchandising is the way professional sports teams and organizations market and deliver their products to the consumer. The vast majority of the marketing effort for sports team is accomplished through the playing of the teams' games. Professional sports are able to create an incredible amount of exposure during their games because their uniforms, team colors, and logos are on display for the course of the game to both those in attendance, and the people watching the game on television. Teams use different tactics and marketing maneuvers to increase interest and sales in their apparel.

We will focus on the merchandising efforts of the National Football league (NFL), the leader in professional sports organizations in merchandising. We will look at the overall merchandising effort as well as how the league markets itself through various different avenues.

When looking at the merchandising effort of professional sports teams, you must look at the top dog in this, the National Football League (NFL). Football is king in the industry for many reasons, none larger than the vast popularity and viewing of the sport. In a survey by ESPN/Chilton sports, two-thirds of all Americans consider themselves to be football fans. Maybe even more shocking is the fact that forty-three percent of all women consider themselves to football fans. When looking at the definition for merchandising, we can evaluate the NFL using the 5 "right" of merchandising. In looking at the 5 "rights," we begin...