Merchant Os Venice Not To Be Taught In Schools

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Most high schools in Toronto teach the merchnt of venice. This book uses racism. Therefore, it should not be taught in schools. This is because it uses inappropriatelanguage, contains racist and prejudical material that may detrimentally impact on students, and students are not yet mature enough to handle the racism used.

The merchant of venice protrays many forms of inappropriate dialogue. The characters in the play used foul languague as parts of their speech es very frequently. "You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog, and spit upon my jewish Garbedine." (Act 1,Scene 3, Line 107-108). Antonio insults Shylock's Jewish morals and therefore Shylock is defending himself by quoting what Antonio had said to him.

This play gives students the idea that racism is acceptable in our society. This is because the racial comments used are not discouraged. "A gentle riddance. Draw the curtains: go. Let all of his complexion choose me so."

Portia judges the prince of Morroco by his skin colour and believes that coloured men are not worthy of her.

The Merchant of Venice contains racist and prejudical material that may detrimentally impact on students. "The beauteous scarf veiling an Indian Beauty". Bassanio states that Indian girls are beautiful when they are wearing their scarf but onlt when they they off their scarf can you see their dark skin. This quote must have offended the Indian girls who have read this book and will offend Indian girls who will read this book.