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By a close examination of his use of language comment in detail on the character of Mercutio.

Mercutio in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, is one of Romeo Montague's best friends. He is a relation of Captain Prince who is the captain of the police force in Verona. Mercutio is a lively character with both a jovial side and a gloomy, more secretive and hidden away side. He has a duality in his personality. One moment he is a fun, joking character to be with and other times he can be a very bitter and brooding character. He has a sharp wit which he uses in the jokes that he makes. He is constantly making puns in his lines in the play and a lot of the time he is teasing or making a mockery of someone. Mercutio's language is very poetic and reflects his views on love.

His language is very strong, and influential throughout his role the play. Even at the point of his death he is still using puns and using humorous language. A lot of the time when he is mocking someone it is Tybalt of the Capulet house. Tybalt is a very good dueller and Mercutio ridicules his duelling skills.

In the words, 'Come sir, your 'passado'.' Mercutio is making a fool of Tybalt's sword skills even though Tybalt's skill level is superior to Mercutio's skill level. Dramatic irony is introduced here because Tybalt then appears and slays Mercutio. Mercutio tends to liven up the play with his hot headedness at times and his moods. When he is in a good mood everyone else around him is in a good mood and the day is good. When he is in a bad mood everything seems rushed and even the...