Merger/Acquisition Transition Plan.

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Merger/Acquisition Transition Plan

Mergers/Acquisitions are complex and risky endeavors but this is a common and accepted strategy in business today. This plan will help create a strategy for leadership (path-goal theory) to address the needs of the group. This plan will provide organized information to help make the right decisions, simplify the integration process, provide business information, processes, and identify expectations. The implementation of this plan will benefit the business by integrating efforts to reduce business risk, help the integration be organized, managed, and cross- functional. Finally this plan will help management continue to focus primarily on running the business while the merger/acquisition is underway.

Effective leadership is a must for all companies in business today in order to provide valuable goods and services and to employ skilled and motivated workers. Never is there a time when effective leadership is more important than during mergers and acquisitions.

Employees from both companies are usually anxious, apprehensive and unsure about their future employment. It is important that leaders from both organizations provide stability and motivation to the employees.

Recently GK Genomics was purchased by a sole proprietor. GK Genomics was a small company that did not utilize the most expensive and technologically advanced equipment available. However, they did have a diverse workforce with a vast amount of knowledge that has yet to be put to use. The structure of the previous owner of GK Genomics did not allow the employees to fully use their talents or capabilities. The employees of GK have since become unmotivated and skeptical about the merger with the new company.

Management from both companies agree that GK Genomics has the talent and resources to be profitable and competitive in the field of genomic research. It is will be up to the new management team to...