The merger of Diamler - Chrysler.

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As with everything there are good things that come out of everything and bad things and it all depends on who and what you want to compare the two with. Immediately when Daimler took Chrysler it announced a package to reduce the work force by 20% so if you asked the people that work there they would tell you that the merger was not a good thing. If you asked the Senior CEO representatives they would tell you that it was a great thing to execute the merger because of the mistakes that the company made by purchasing expensive engines and the economy not wanting to take purchasing for the profit price. However there are many aspects of this entire merger and it all comes down to making money.

Here are some of the sudden announcements that will greatly impact the personnel working at the factory and the economy. (Quotes) The Chrysler division of Daimler Chrysler A.G.

announced today that it would reduce its work force by 26,000, or 20 percent, over the next three years, mainly by not hiring replacements for retired workers but also by laying off thousands of employees.

Dieter Zetsche, the former Mercedes executive sent from headquarters in Germany two months ago to become Chrysler's chief executive and president, said the job cuts were necessary to restore Chrysler to profitability even as the auto market slows with the weakening of the American economy. ''The markets are shrinking, competition is brutal, we are under pressure from imports and an incentive war is on,'' Mr. Zetsche said at Chrysler headquarters here today.

Chrysler officials declined to estimate the number of layoffs, saying that would depend on how many chose to retire first. But executives said the layoffs would include 3,100 factory workers in Mexico and South America,