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Here is an imaginatively realized slice of Arthurian mythology. Queen Mab tries to use Merlin, a wizard, in her attempt to control Britain and to bring back the power of magic. But Merlin finds an ally in the mysterious Lady of the Lake.

As a young man, Merlin falls in love with Nimue and later tries to rescue her from a dragon. But his real mission is to become the next King, who is now King Authur, who rules the Kingdom of Camelot in part due to his possession of the magic sword Excaliber. Queen Mab, tries to stir up trouble with Morgan Le Fey and King Arthur's illegitimate son Mordred.

It contains very eye-catching scenery, great special effects, and enchanting music. Sam Neill confidently carries this mythological tale upon his broad shoulders. Merlin is a hero who admits his flaws as both a romantic and as a soothsayer.

Everyone's heard the story of Merlin the magician, but most of us aren't strong on the details. What did Merlin have to do with King Arthur? What was the sword in the stone' all about? If you're willing to sit and watch two and a half hours of the movie Merlin, you'll come away with all the answers.

Merlin has special powers, and is dedicated to doing good things with them. There are power-hungry people who seem honest and true until they take the throne. The great last hope for Merlin is Arthur, who finally brings a good, although imperfect, heart to the throne. Arthur and Merlin face Queen Mab which brings fireworks to the film, and the fireworks are impressive, both in action and in special effects.

I thought that the cast was strong, and it grabbed my attenetion because I could point out actors that I...