Mesmerized Beauty This is the feminist appropriation of Sleeping Beauty, therefore it is a creative writing piece. Hope it can help!

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Mesmerized Beauty

She watched him.


The School Captain, tall, charming, always followed by a trail of girls that he would try avoid, but fail nevertheless. True, blessed with money, intelligence and gorgeous looks, it seemed indeed that many a fairy godmothers had visited his cradle.

She sighed. But no, Steve Beaux was far from perfect.

Suddenly, he walked past her, a blur of motion, towards the polished limo that was waiting to take him back to his mansion, his prison.


"Here's two thousand."

Father tossed onto the marble table before hurrying towards the front door. Bang. The noise echoed silently. Steve slowly glanced up. Gone. All gone.

They forgot...forgot my birthday...again...

Suddenly, his phone was flashing, urgently, red. He picked it up; the message icon was rapidly blinking.

"Steve! It's Fred. Happy birthday! Don't forget to meet me at Spindle St at 5!"

Steve lowered the phone, unable to mask his feelings.

Fred remembered...the only one to remember...


At 5, Steve arrived to find Fred waiting. "Steve happy 16! Let's go celebrate!" With Fred in the lead, Steve walked down Spindle St until they stopped before a dark, dilapidated house. Steve looked around in confusion and entered behind Fred.

Past the door was cold yet welcoming darkness. A distinct smell hung in the air; vaguely familiar, vaguely Fred. Steve walked in slowly as the whispers started around him, soft, sensual, overpowering. The smell increased in intensity, irresistible.

"Steve." Fred's voice came floating over. "Try this." A deadly needle appeared in front of him. Steve's eyes widened with silent apprehension.

"'s our saving grace. She will let you escape, and release you from your life..." Fred murmured softly, persuasion dripping in every syllable.

"" Steve stammered. Suddenly, Fred took hold of Steve's right arm in an iron...