Mesopotaima and Egypt contrasted

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Our journey starts seven thousand years back into the past, going to the place were culture and civilization began. In the following I will compare and contrast two different cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Taking you back in time where religion and gods were a dominant aspect in both cultures but practiced in different ways. Art forms were developed and progressed, the belief in gods were celebrated. The Egyptians embraced death, while the Mesopotamian's feared it.

The Mesopotamian's Culture was considered the dawn of culture. This was known as the Paleolithic period or Old Stone Age that was spread from 35000 and 10000 B.C. The Paleolithic period was the start of arts; objects began to express the values and beliefs of the Paleolithic people (Chap. 1 pg 14). The people of the Paleolithic period lived nomadic lives that consisted of following herds of animals that they depended on for food.

These people were known as hunter gathers they had no permanent location due to the needs of having to find their own food.

Since Paleolithic people had to hunt for their own food to insure their survival; hunting scenes dominated their art works that were found in Laseaux Cave. The Laseaux Cave paintings were created from 15000-13000 B.C. The caves consisted of many animals, which included; bison, horses, mammoths, reindeer, boars, and wolves. The paintings showed animals to be upside down which may have indicated a method for killing them. It was known that rituals were made before a hunt to assure or reassure the hunters of great success. This way of life soon gave way to farming and domesticating of animals in the Neolithic Age. During the Neolithic Age people began a transition from hunting animals to farming and domesticating animals. This period began from 8000-3500 B.C. And...