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Paper analyzing and critically evalutating a message I received for PSY 200.

My Message

A message that I received this week came from my mother. She told me, "Do not try to learn how to ride Harley Davidson Motorcycle at the age of 49. If you want to try to learn how to ride a motorcycle this late in life start with a smaller motorcycle."

The Tragedy

My mother starting working for her company a little over a year ago and all of her co-workers that she has met and has become friends with all ride motorcycles. My mother was so impressed with them that she decided she could learn how to ride so she could go on motorcycle runs with them. All of her girlfriends told her she could do it and that she could take a course for women only through Harley Davidson to learn. While her family, myself included, tried to explain that it was not a good idea and being a passenger on a motorcycle would be more interesting for her.

Well, not taking the advice from her family back on Friday October 4, 2002 my mother had started taking a motorcycle course through Harley Davidson to learn how to ride. That Friday went well, they were in a classroom reviewing the Nevada Motorcycle Manual and went over the parts on a motorcycle. Come Saturday morning when they actually put her on a Harley Davidson motorcycle to learn how to drive and handle the bike is when all the tragedy began. She started off good but then the instructors where telling her to go a little faster, she tried and ended up stalling the motorcycle, she was not able to hold it due to the weight being too much for her and falling off, hitting the...