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AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to investigate a complementary medicine modality and describe a brief summary of what that modality is and evaluate the strengths and weakness. The modality chosen by this writer is message and the affects it has on healing and complementary effects of other treatments. There are many types of message therapies and gaining an understanding of how and when it is appropriate can be beneficial to the affected patient. This paper reflects the article by Renee Gecsedi: Massage Therapy for Patients with Cancer.

Introduction"Complementary medical practices are ones that expand the treatment repertoire beyond those methods taught at American medical schools. They allow alternative, unconventional healing modalities and conventional western medicine to complement one another for the benefit of the patient." (Clofine 2004). Understanding of complementary medicine allows for a ballanced apporach to wellness and gives an openess to alternatives for an individuals life. Message therapy is one of the oldest healthcare practices and can be used in a multiples of situations for healing and treatments.

Message therapy is a form of touch that provides instant feed back and offers comfort and promotes well-being. The use of pressure and movemnt to the body in designated areas to relieve pain and discofort. "The National Institutes of Health National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine officially recognizes messae as a manual healing method" (Gecsedi 2002)Article: Massage Therapy for Patients With CancerMesse therapy has been used for years, and the use of message for cancer patients has been documented in a article by Renee Gecsedi Ms, RN, OCN. The article gives the history of message and how it can be used for treatment of cancer. Gecsedi breaks down the therapy of massage in cancer patients. She addresses the benefits of massage, massaege and cancer, after surgery massage, massage...