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Introduction It depends weather or not insects and animals eat the plants, or the owner does not water and take care of the plants. Some plants might live longer or shorter. I tested a plant for 4 months. The results were that my plant died because of plant disease. This means that my hypothesis was wrong. Insects eat the plant and the plants loses it stamina, the plant gets weaker, then it starts to rot and die. Plants lives under the sun and it depends on the sun. It depends on the sun because the sun cools of the plants moisture from the water. This is a affect which is called "Metabolism". Metabolism is the atmosphere or what the experts say "The sum total of all plant process necessary to keep it alive" (Grolier Encyclopedia). Insects such as caterpillars eat the plant by eating its leaves for life.

We need plants for food and oxygen. We eat the plants fibers for Vitamin C. Wallace B. Black says "Plants give us the strength that we need in order to keep alive" (Science Encyclopedia). We need oxygen to live. Plants give oxygen by releasing it and we give the plantCarbon Dioxide. Orlando D. Curcio says (Plants give us oxygen to live. They give it by releasing oxygen from its body" (The Lives of Plants) So plants are really important to our society.