Metamorphasis Analysis

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Kristin Tanner

Exploratory Analysis


On an average morning before work, Gregor Samsa awakens to find something much different than it had been the night before. His body transformed into a mystery insect and we are left with no explanation of how or why. All Gregor knows-and all we know-is he has numerous legs, a black, hardened back, and that he is going to be late for work. Uncomplicated things like the time and work are the major worries in Gregor's mind, which is made clear when Kafka states, "And he looked over at the alarm clock, which was ticking over on the chest of drawers. 'God Almighty!' he thought. It was six-thirty, the hands were quietly moving forward, it was actually past the half-hour, it was already nearly quarter-to" (pg. 4). Being late to work is a valid worry, however, in the given circumstances seem pointless to the readers.

It's almost as if this horrifying crisis is nothing more than the start of a bad day. He hardly panics, and we can only wonder why. The most reasonable justification is that in his previous life (before his metamorphosis), he was already unhappy. He had already felt like he was an outsider and different from the rest of humanity, therefore the sudden change in physicality was simply a new shell he had been placed in.

It is obvious from the beginning that Gregor is the main source of income for his parents and sister, and they rely on him mostly from an economic standpoint. He hates his job, and wants to quit, but his need to support his family outweighs this desire. Gregor's change into an insect gave him the out he's always wanted. He can now sit around his room however long he wants; he has no responsibilities; his...