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Football Geography IDU - Italy Alex Waren 9A

Italy has always been one of the great football capitals of the world, and has a number of teams, and

a league of its own, along with their national team. Italy is one of the best teams in the world, and Italy

has a lot of football history to its name. In this essay I will be discussing football history and its

effect on their national identity. I will also cover their relationships with other countries who take

football very seriously, and how that has affected their relations, along with how the football teams are

spread throughout the country, and lastly, any rivalries that Italy has with any other countries.

In present day Italy, football is recognized as the most popular sport, along with having a title of one

of the best football teams in the world, with a total of 27 trophies to their name.

Italy has always been a

pro-football country, and their origins of it go back centuries in time. The first record of football being

played in Italy was called Harpastum, which was the leading sport during the Roman Empire. It

resembled the modern football we play today, but still it was very early and primitive. The first modern

version of the beautiful game in Italy was played in 1893, when the first team, called the Genoa Cricket

and Football Club was formed, and it was the first international team that represented Italy. The first

football club however, was established by a man named Edoardo Bosio, who worked in the British

textile industry. It wasn't until 1891 when the Italians set up their own league championship.

Italians have become very passionate and emotional about their country's sport: football. Many fans

claim it is a way of "letting go"...