"Metamorphosis" by Frank Kafka

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This is a novel written by frank kafka, It's about a young man by the name of Gregor Samsa, A young salesman who lives with and financially supports his parents and younger sister. The story begins when Gregor wakes up one morning discovering that he has miraculously transformed into some kind of monstrous insect. Soon his abilities, tastes, and interests begin to change. No one can understand his insect like dialogue. He likes to scamper under the furniture and eat rotten food. Gregor's family, disgusted that Gregor has become an enormous insect, keep him in his bedroom and refuse to interact with him. Only his sister Grete demonstrates concern by bringing his food each day.

Greogor being mutated into an insect was hideous and once caused his mother to faint. Due to his physical appearance he was forced to stay in his room (plus he did not want to frighten his mother again).

One day Gregor breaks out to listen to his sister play the violin and eludes into the living room where she was playing; his father throws apples to chase him away (he did this because he scared of the tenants, the decided to leave with out paying rent). One of the apples become embedded in his back. Eventually the apple becomes rotten and infected; Gregor wastes away. When he dies the cleaning woman throws his remains into the garbage.

In my opinion the irony of this story is how Gregor metamorphosized into the insect like creature and how this caused his family to metamorphosize into a position of self reliance. Basically, The Metamorphosis prevents the imminent rebellion of the son against the father. Gregor had become strong as a result of his father's failure and old age. He crippled his father's self-esteem and took over the...