"The Metamorphosis" By Franz Kafka.

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The Metamorphosis

By Franz Kafka

Through his change that all too often mankind is forced into an insect -like existence no better than the bugs at the bottom of the natural order. When mankind tries to rise above their insect status and connect with humanity, as Gregor did when he emerged from his room to see his sister and listen to the violin, they cruelly drive him back into isolation and alienation, through Gregor, Kafka presents a totally tragic view of man's existence.

Often to the elimination of developing human relationships modern life demands that a person have a job to earn money to fulfill materalistic mind-set usually enslaves the individual and transforms into a beast or insect who does not have time to care for in order to provide material things for his family. In order to have and give financial security, he sacrifies a social life, companionship, pleasure, and dreams, his life is miserable, and he counts the days until he can quit his job.

Ironically the people that he supports and loves prove they have no depth of emotion for him, adding to his total misery. As much as he hates the petty and degrading concern for which he works, he is proud of his mother, father and sister, Grete, with a nice apartment and fairly comfortable life. Though Gregor was terribly hurt by his family's choices to ignore him, which caused him to literally die of heartbreak and pain, he found out how his family truly felt about him. Gregor is literally left to climb the walls and die in total alienation.

Gregor seems to find out that since his metamorphosis he is left out in the cold. He is no longer needed now that he can no longer provide for his family. Despite the love...