"The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka - Men's Condition in the Modern World

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During the era that "The Metamorphosis" was written, many families relied on their husbands and sons to work and support the family. This story illustrates this concept and also shows how a family can fall apart with the slightest change of the family workman. Many of the points and details of this story show how a modern day family in this era lived and adapted to necessary change to support their needs. It also points out the dependability of men and their perception as the main supporter of the family. Family comes first, and then he can think about doing or buying things for himself. Reality does set in though and the man will become worn out and lifeless to world because he has not been able to enjoy life and its perks.

The main character of this story is a son named Gregor. This man, like most others during this time frame, sacrificed himself to work to help pay his father's debts instead of using the money to live on his own.

Of course, Gregor's family never thought of how much he actually did for them and took advantage of him. Then the turning point of the story begins, Gregor becomes a giant insect and he can no longer work or even be seen by anyone else other than his family. This hurts the family financially and results in the father and sister finding jobs. As you can see, the mother did not work which also shows the link to the modern times of this era. Also, the point that the family took advantage of Gregor is a link the modern world and that people do not notice how important someone is until they are gone or incapacitated in some way.

After his transformation, Gregor is rejected...