Metaphor for life essay,comparing life to a dresser

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Metaphor for life

There are an infinite number of ways for a person to describe their life. I think the best

way is to use a metaphor. Many different metaphors can be used to explain an individual's world.

Anything can be used as a comparison, from trees to furniture. My life would best be described

as an everyday piece of furniture. This piece is unlike any other piece because of the things

hidden inside. There are little cubby holes where objects of importance can be shoved away and

hidden or just tucked away for future use. That is why I think the bast way to describe my life

using a metaphor is to say my life is a dresser.

My existence just like the compartments on a dresser, is chock-full of various unique

items. The drawers of a dresser are full of socks, pants and shirts. They are all different but all

contribute to the being that is the dresser. My life is also packed with miscellaneous items such

as family, friends and school. Just like the particulars in a drawer, they all contribute to my life

and the person I am. These items are all sorted depending on what they are, into different

drawers. All the aspects in my life are in turn sorted into different categories, or drawers.

These distinct storage areas just like areas in my life, are either extremely difficult to open

or incredibly easy. Some subjects in my life are very hard to open and talk about. Some drawers

are extremely hard to open, so the contents can be shown. Other subjects or drawers in my life,

slide open without difficulty. So easy they almost fall out. These items are easy for me to expose

to the world , just like the items in...