Metaphysics-Condensed and Simple

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Metaphysics-Condensed and Simple

Every man and woman that has the desire to understand and know beyond the accepted limitations of physical reality is attracted to the unknown, and by this attraction, be pushed to learn what many do not and wish not. For what lies beneath and behind the thoughts that we, as comprehensible human beings, can readily access, is the path that leads toward ultimate enlightenment, the one true connection with God, or the divine spirit, that we can access in this physical life. Everything that exists, whether inanimate or not, is connected with an energy binding all things together; to understand this, is to understand the basic principles of Metaphysics.

Metaphysics encompasses everything that we can see, touch, hear, feel, and taste. Nothing has to be alive, and by the same likeness, nothing has to be dead or still; everything has been created by one ultimate being. By this creation all has the divinity within, we just simply have to recognize and connect with it.

This belief can reach into depths of typical human faith and existence that many are afraid or unwilling to even attempt to enter. The metaphysical belief pushes beyond what is taught in the church or in the Bible, even. It allows one to go outside and sit with the rest of everything that has been created without the hands of man, that is still pure, and be able to feel what it's like to be the grass and the soil. Metaphysics is a way of life to many, and it is taught without teachers. These pages will contain a very brief introduction and explanation of metaphysics and several of its branches of ideas and philosophies.

Metaphysics may seem to be a relatively new idea, but actually it is one of the oldest philosophies.