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I would like to become a meteorologist after I graduate from college. A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the atmosphere and it's changing weather.

Ever since my house flooded in 1995, I have been afraid of any bad weather. Last year I realized that I wanted to understand the way weather worked more, so I decided that I wanted to become a meteorologist.

I interviewed Bob Breck who is the chief meteorologist for channel 8 and Carl Arredondo who is the chief meteorologist for channel 4. I learned from them that the only math that you really use in meteorology is Algebra 1 and a little bit of calculus that is used for understanding the maps. I also learned that meteorologists do not get paid as much as I have heard from others. To be a meteorologist you don't have to be on the television. You can just work behind the scenes gathering information to predict the forecast.

They told me that meteorologists study a lot of maps in order to make their predictions about the weather in a certain area. I found out that over one hundred colleges in America offer meteorology programs!

I plan to get a Ph.D. in meteorology from Florida State University. I am hoping to get a job at The Weather Channel after I graduate from college. The starting salary for a meteorologist with a Ph.D. is $37,000. Your salary gradually increases as your experience increases.

I think I would like this job very much because I can understand how the weather works. I would also like to do this job because I am informing people about the weather so they can know if it's going to rain or be cold, etc. I would also like to become a meteorologist because...