Mexican Expedition 2006

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It would be difficult to explain in words what experiences I had while in Mexico for almost three weeks because perceptions of events vary so widely by what senses you may choose to recall from that moment in time. Personally I'm visual and therefore my memories tend to be stored in clip art format, and thus why it will be my medium along the tour of my mind of how I will always remember Mexico. As well, when words don't do justice I tend to find descriptive well known events to be used as an analogy to better portray the unknown. With the combination of visual descriptions and analogies I hope to give a glimpse into the world I was lucky enough to experience while attending college.

Now, reflecting back since being home I can better choose what events have surfaced as my favorites. My ultimate treat was when we went to Oaxaca to visit the pyramids and visit a tequila factory.

This may seem obvious at first why I'd pick this place as my favorite, tequilla, but no--the scenery. The four hour shuttle bus drive there was extremely tight fitted, but I don't remember that as much as I remember the gorgeous rolling hills, with stark grey mountains behind them, and jutting ravines where scattered livestock herds roamed. That was just on the way there, once there we quickly made to the trails for the pyramids. The hike I had been looking forward to, and was not disappointed because there were about ten pyramids with at least one hundred steps on them that we were allowed to walk up. The stair stepping was worth while, because the view from the bus ride was pale in comparison to the camouflaged color scheme of the overlooking landscape. You felt like how...